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Our philosophy

LA VIE was born out of the desire to live in a world where something beautiful can be good for you. We created products that look chic and minimalist crafted from the finest non-toxic ingredients and from essential oils. This is La Vie; a line of natural body and home products that is made with integrity.

Transparency and integrity – LA VIE's fundamental values – begin in the selection of our ingredients. Our formulations are the product of long hours of research and development in order to reach a unique and unmatched result – a wonderful mix of the best nature has to offer. A product that is efficient without compromise, high-end at an accessible price but mostly, more than 99% natural. Every ingredient used in our products makes us proud and defines who we are that is why they are all listed in every product page as well as in the ingredients section.

LA VIE is a local company that supports our economy. We always prioritize local businesses when buying our raw materials in order to encourage the development of our local companies while limiting our environmental footprint – a cause that is close to our heart.