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Essential oil diffuser ultrasonic black


This real ceramic essential oil diffuser will refresh the air in your home with the heavenly scents of the La Vie's essential oil blends. What’s more? It perfectly fits with any home interior. 

This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser uses high frequency ultasonic technology that vibrates water inside the unit creating an ultra-fine mist into the air. When essentials oil are added, they are immediately dispersed into the air, creating a natural and calming ambience.

This essential oil diffuser goes hand in hand with the essentials oils blends


- Real Ceramic Black or Off-White
- Quiet Diffusion
- Diffusion coverage up to 400 ft2
- Up to 7 hours of streaming in continuous/intermittent mode
- Timer setting 1h/3h int/cont
- 7 alternative LED light colors


Please carefully read intructions for use provided in the box before use.


This essential oil diffuser have a one year guarantee that begins on the day of purchase. This guarantee is only valid if the diffuser is used according to the manufacturer's instructions. In case of misuse, the one year guarantee will not be valid. Please consult the'' resolve problem'' section in the instructions manual before returning the product to a retailer. If you experience any problem with the product during the valid guarantee period, please contact the retailer to get a replacement unit. You must present the original receipt.

The guarantee does not cover damage, defects due to misuse or poor maintenance of the product (for example: a unit that is not regularly cleaned).